Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mill City Memories

We live in the delta and have  great respect for the Mighty Mississippi and all it stands for in our area of the world. Minneapolis has more bridges across the Mississippi River than any other community, including suspension, stone arch, steel truss, and concrete-arch bridges. It's also the site of the first bridge across the Mississippi. Henry is sitting at the site of that first bridge. 

Henry and Randall are standing in front of the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis. 

The large bridge behind us is the one that was built to replace the bridge that collapsed in August 2007 during rush hour. I remember that day and the sights on the evening news. So sad and so scary. 9 people died.

We had such a fun time exploring the mill city area of Minneapolis.

We decided to get even more involved in the culture of Minneapolis and head to a Twins game. This was Randall and Henry's first major league baseball game. As a teenager I went to see the Cubs, Rangers and Royals. The Twins were actually playing the Royals on this night.

We had a blast on our trip and made memories that will last us a lifetime. I realize Henry will not remember much of it, but we want him to get used to traveling and exploring new places. He loves to remember his visit to "mini apples" through the photos on his Daddy's phone. We had a fun-filled 8 days in Minnesota but we were so glad to get back below the Mason-Dixon. We knew we were home as we walked through the terminal in Memphis and someone said "excuse me" as they brushed by us instead of just running all 3 of us over. Randall said "ah, we're home!" There is truly no place like home.