Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Henry

 Marmie came to visit us over the past weekend. Henry was so excited to see her and show her all his tricks. I think Marmie was just as excited. We took him to Hobby Lobby to get the things to make a super Henry cape...and stickers! The boy loves a sticker. 

 Marmie got out my machine and went to work on our little buddy's cape. She made Samuel one when he was little. I remembered it and wanted one for Henry. He loves Super Grover so I thought he would love a super Henry cape. He loves pretending to be super Henry!

 I made the H on wearable vinyl with the Cricut. It was a Sesame Street font and so cute. 

 Here is Super Henry!
He may be the cutest super baby boy EVER! Thank you Marmie!



Kelley said...

I love it! How precious is super Henry!