Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Times-South

This was taken right after we ate Thanksgiving dinner at my house Thursday. We were stuffed! We had so much food. I went a little overboard on veggies this year. It seemed a bit gluttonous, but we're eating it every meal until its gone! HA!

When I was cooking Thursday morning. Really I was just managing the over, everything had been prepared on Wednesday. Anyway... I asked everyone if we were dressing for dinner. I laughed as I looked at my motley looking crew, no one had on matching clothes, a couple had shorts on. But a little while later here walks in Daniel with a polo and khaki pants on. I was so pleased. What a sweet boy. Then Anna came in dressed in a cute little outfit she put together herself. Then Samuel came in with khaki's, a dress shirt, tie and a sportcoat that was a few sizes too small.

I went and put on my clothes and even some pearls. It was Thanksgiving after all.

My other two boys didn't feel the need to get dressed for dinner, but we allowed them in the picture anyway!

After lunch some friends stopped by and then Stephen and I took the twins hunting. And it rained. And rained! Daniel and I sat in the blind, but David and Stephen stood under trees. Needless to say, we didn't stay long! It rained the rest of the night. But it was a fun memory!

Friday morning began a wee bit earlier than I liked. Samuel headed out with the Boy Scouts to hike the trail at Vicksburg, camp and then head out to the USS Alabama in Mobile to spend Saturday night. He was excited. I've yet to hear from him. He best call soon!

We then headed to the Bulldog Breakfast. Since there was no school, they didn't eat until 9:30 which meant I was able to help. It was fun until Anna smashed her finger in a door. It looked bad but it seems to be in good working order now.

David and Stephen went hunting again (still no deer), and Daniel, Anna and I headed to Walmart. I wasn't much in the shopping mood, I guess because Abby was in Memphis having all the fun. So, we headed home to get ready for the ballgame. Man, it was cold!!! We won, so sitting through a 37 degree football game was worth it!!!

What did you do this weekend?