Friday, November 12, 2010

Food Friday

I am thankful for a warm oven that can cook up smiles for friends and family.
I made 2 successful loaves of bread and a yummy batch of cinnamon rolls this past weekend. I got a sweet note in Henry's bag this week thanking me for the yummy cinnamon rolls I sent to school and I got a nice little call the other night from Randall's grandfather who had eaten all his cinnamon rolls and bread. He encouraged me to bring him more...and indeed I will! I love my sourdough bread starter!

I am thankful for honest friends and family... I reckon.
Ok, I am fixing to share something that will make you laugh, because my husband, sister and friend Brittni laugh at me and tell me "NO" when I ask them to go with me to eat at Ryan's. I love salad buffet and I crave it often. I try really hard to "woo" them to go with me but they never buy into my "woo". No one will eat at Ryan's with me, no matter how hard I beg. I love the "Land of And" commercials for Ryan's and it makes me want it "real bad" (Can't you hear that frumpy nail tech on Legally Blonde saying that about her hot dog). It is a great deal...$9.99 for an endless buffet. Come on! When I was a little girl my grandparents always took me to eat salad because I loved it, even then. I know if my Meemaw was not with Jesus, she would be with me at Ryan's.

I am thankful that my husband told me to not cook much this week!
This Heifer is taking a break! Outside of warming stuff up, mixing something quick and tending to my sourdough, I am not in the kitchen. I have not even been to the grocery store. Score! I love to cook, but sometimes a break from it is needed. The holiday cooking is approaching us and I stay real busy at that time. I love to fill our home with the smells of the season and I enjoy sharing goodies with those near and dear.

I am thankful for this little scene. My baby boy can feed himself and drink himself!
Wowsie! I am amazed and a little sad at how fast he is growing, yet so excited to see him learn independence. I love watching him bite a cracker from his hand. It makes me giggle for some reason. He is so precise and careful. I just love to watch.


Kelley said...

Lurve this post! I like Ryan's too! Too funny! He is so cute holding his sippy cup in that picture. This year has gone by fast.