Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bulldogs and Gratitude

Schools all across our state are out of school today. And since the kids found out about it they decided we shouldn't be in school either. And since I want to give them a semblance of the public school feeling (crazy hair day, spirit day, and pj day) I went with it. So, no school at Beavers Academy today!

Since there is no school, some high school football games are being played tonight and the others are being played tomorrow night. Our beloved Bulldogs play tonight. In the cold, wet, wintry weather! I can hardly wait!!!

Some years ago our church began hosting the Bulldog Breakfast the morning of every football game. The players, coaches, and cheerleaders come to the church for breakfast, a devotional by a guest speaker and pep talk from the coach and awards from the previous week. It is a fun time, and a highlight for many of the players and cheerleaders.

Stephen and the boys get up and leave the house at 4:30 every Friday morning to cook, and help set-up for the breakfast. Anna and I sleep peacefully in our beds and wake up when they come home. I love Friday mornings!

This morning since there was no school, the breakfast didn't begin until 9:30. Anna and I decided we could make this one. So, we headed over to the church at about 8:30. The cooks were finishing up the pancakes, gravy, eggs, bacon and sausage. Oh and the biscuits! The players all came in wearing their Bulldog blue, the cheerleaders came in in their pajamas, it seems they were out late last night rollin' peoples yards. (Thankfully we were not on their list this year. Although the kids love it when we get rolled!)

One of our area pastors gave the devotional today. He said one word. Finish! If you start well then finish well. I've thought about that for the last couple of hours. I start a lot of things well, but I don't always finish them that way. I hope the kids were challenged by that today as well.

I am thankful for (or have gratitude for!) the ones that have come before me. The pastor that began the Bulldog Breakfasts, and the ones that saw his vision and helped him succeed in it. They began well, and although we aren't finished, we are finishing well!


Megan Huckaby said...

Jules, I miss you guys. I think y'all should come visit me!