Monday, November 1, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

What a fun weekend with our Great Pumpkin!

Our Great Pumpkin had his first Halloween.

"I want candy!"

Starting out on his first trick or treat.

First stop, our next door neighbor's house. He got loaded up with all kinds of goodies and got to see a doggie.

Our second stop was at another friend's house on our street. We loved her porch and took some fun pictures of the Great Pumpkin.

We then headed over to see Randall's work buddy and his wife who live down the road from us. They had a fun book for Henry.

On Sunday we headed out to show off our Great Pumpkin. Our first stop was to see Nana and Papa (Randall's parents).

I think Papa really liked our pumpkin!

We then headed over to see Great-Grandad (Randall's maternal grandfather). He let the Great Pumpkin read him a book. Priceless!

The last stop on our Halloween outing was to Uncle Rick and Sissy's house (Randall's aunt and uncle).

The Great Pumpkin also got to see his second cousin, Caden (Uncle Rick and Sissy's grandson) and play on his train. As you can see...He was REALLY excited about it!
Halloween was a fun and exciting time for our Great Pumpkin.



Kelley said...

He is the cutest pumpkin ever! I love his face in that last picture!