Friday, November 19, 2010

Food Friday

This week I had the privilege to help with the annual food drive for our local food bank. I am a thankful supporter of the area food bank. I serve on the development committee, I delivered senior packs until it got too emotional for me, and I give of our family treasure when possible. I can honestly say that is a cause in which I give my time, talent and treasure! I love the idea of helping meet the most basic need. What a blessing to help feed the hungry. Can you imagine being hungry, not having food in your cabinets and having no money to buy any? I can't imagine and I hope to never experience it firsthand.
My Meemaw always gave to the Union Rescue Mission at the holidays. I remember the joy it gave her and how she would talk about it with passion. The year she died I gave a donation to the Union Rescue Mission in memory of her and I gave every year after that until we moved out of the area. Now I give to our local food bank. I love how she taught me the joy of giving....and she did not even realize she was teaching me.

This Thanksgiving our little turkey will help provide Thanksgiving meals to 10 families in our community. I loved signing his name on all 10 of those cards more than I have enjoyed signing his name on anything else up to this point! What a blessing to have a little treasure to share with those less fortunate this year, and what a blessing to teach our little boy about the joy of giving.
I remember delivering Thanksgiving meals in laundry baskets to young mothers when I was an Acteen. The smiles on those faces are stamped on my heart. I hope Henry will grow up and remember times like these and teach his children the joy of giving.
Happy Food Friday!


The Family Marsico said...

Oh Acteen! My, my...

One of the things I like most about these pictures is that you are really posing. And at such a young age! So Abby.

This post was good for the soul. Thanks for that.

(and Henry's turkey outfit is really cute)

Kelley said...

What a great reminder to always have others in mind and be God's servant and share. Henry's outfit is the cutest thing I have every seen!

Anonymous said...

This posting made a grown man cry.
Nuff said.