Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Magnolia Day

I got to spend the day with my sweet friend, Rochelle. She was my neighbor in Byhalia. I miss having her next door so much that sometimes my heart aches. When we found out we were moving 2 years ago the one thing that upset us the most was leaving our little homestead we had created with Ms. Rochelle and Mr. Garry. I still get a tear in my heart thinking about it. Life with them next door was so much fun and provided a comfort that is not replaceable.

Taking Henry to meet them was great fun. It was like old times on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There is something to be said for the peaceful, calmness of that place. Ms. Rochelle kept asking me if I could hear how quiet it was and I would just smile and soak it up. It did my heart good. We walked the long driveway that provided many evenings of exercise for me the 4 years we lived there and chatted about everything under the sun, sat on the back porch and ate a divine meal cooked in her kitchen.
Of course like any good daughter and mother, I made sure we stopped at Daddy & Connie's so they could see Henry and of course ...Randall and me. I know the later is not near as important as Henry! Ashley made sure to come by and see him also because every good Mississippi girl needs a dose of Henry. We missed Auntie Babs, but we will see her next time.

A good day. Laundry will be backed up this week and there are no groceries in the house as we start the week, but there is something to be said for living a little and letting things come as they may. I am going to try to live by this code a bit much as my Type A personality will allow!



Kelley said...

What great neighbors you had. I bet it was nice visiting with them. love the picture with you and your daddy. Very special.

Amanda M. said...

It even "looks" nice and quiet. :)