Friday, March 5, 2010

The Sisters Typical Day

Abby's Day:

6:15 - alarm goes off. I turn it off and convince myself that 5 more minutes will be fine and close my eyes.
6:20 - I get up and start getting dressed. It is a lot more of a rush than BH (before Henry) and there is no more thinking "does this look cute or not"...we just go with it and hope for the best.
6:40- I bring Henry to my bed so I can hear him if he chooses to cry and wake up while I am in my bathroom beautifying myself. He loves to be on Mama's pillow :)
6:50 - I make a smoothie for breakfast and get my things together for the day
7:00- I give Henry all my kisses and then get him dressed for the day. We then love on each other a bit more.
7:15- Henry goes in his car seat and we head out to start our day.
7:30 - Henry arrives at daycare and sees his little friends and sweet teachers.
7:40 - I leave daycare and head to work to see my little friends and start my day. I usually call my Mama, Randall or my sister on my drive in.
8:00- I take off my mama hat and put on my marketing hat for the next 9 hours. I coordinate all the marketing for our healthcare system which means meetings, phone calls, emails galore, errands, events, community involvement, and a fire extingusher for the fires I put out all day.
5:00 - The whistle blows and I race for home or daycare, depending on if Randall is in town. If he is in town, he picks up Henry about 4:00 and I get to head straight home. I like those days. If not, I go to daycare and get my baby boy.
5:20- I walk in the door and get Henry out of his car seat and we chill for a few minutes.
5:45- I decide I might need to eat or the chance might pass me by for the night. I used to cook and make nice meals. That has not happened since I started work. I must work on this and let the Healthy Choice Steamers take a rest. They are all beginning to taste alike.
6:00 - I put Henry in his bouncey seat and carry it with me to the kitchen to wash bottles and the blender from my smoothie I made before work. We then get everything ready for his 3 bottles he will have before we leave for daycare the following morning.  We then get everything ready for his bath (he takes it in the kitchen).
6:30 - We go back to the back of the house and let mama take her work clothes off and get comfy.
6:40- We go back to the den and let Henry play a bit.
7:00 - Henry eats and then gets his bath.
7:45-10:00- Henry will sit in my lap or Randall's lap, play a bit and fall asleep. I will veg out, shower, read a mag, watch a show, do laundry, and some nights I get on Facebook
10:00 - Henry gets fed and lights out for everyone...we are dead tired by this time.
4:00 - Henry decides he needs to eat and cries out for his 4 ounces of goodness. I get up and feed that sweet boy and put him right back down.
4:20 - I go back to bed with hopes that maybe the next 2 hours will be quality sleep.
6:15 - We do it again!

Julie's Day:

7:00-The boys wake up. They used to set their alarms for 7:00. I stopped that! I didn't like hearing an alarm clock first thing in the morning. (I'm a tad bit spoiled)
Sometime after 7:00- Anna comes and gets in bed with us. We watch tv, flipping from GMA, to Today and Cosby Show.
8:00(ish)-I head to the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, put the first load of laundry in, tell the kids whats for breakfast, sometimes its a hot breakfast prepared by me, sometimes its a cold breakfast prepared by them, and go to the office. There I get on the computer and get ready for the days lessons.
9:00(ish)-I yell "ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL", the kids come in and we begin our school day. I'll give you a run down of our school day in another post. I put a load of laundry in the dryer and one in the washer.
11:45- The boys start asking whats for lunch. This question really gets on my nerves.
12:00- Lunch gets started. Sometimes I fix lunch, other times each child fixes his/her own lunch. It is usually the latter.
1:00-4:00- If school wasn't completed in the morning we finish now. I run errands, clean the house, take a shower, finish laundry, visit with friends, discipline children, go to the library, make plans for the upcoming days, plan supper, do stuff with the kids.
4:00-Begin supper preperations and fold clothes. I try to watch some tv.
5:00 Stephen comes home from work.
5:30(ish) We eat supper.
6:00-We head to ballgames, ball practice, boy scout meetings, church, or anything else we have scheduled for the night. If we are at home we watch tv, or play a game.
8:30- The kids head to bed.
8:35-The parents eat a snack.
10:00-Reuns of The Office come on, we watch and laugh together
11:00-We go to bed and sleep! Its been a good day.

These times are really approximate. Some days I don't wake up until 8:00, so the day gets started a little later. All the same things are accomplished, just on a pushed-back schedule.


Amanda M. said...

I just clicked over from Kelly's Korner! What a totally fun blog you two have!

Adge said...

stopped by from Kelly's Korner

Amanda M. said...

I am a follower of you two lovely ladies now! :)

kathy said...

Abby you keep a real good schedule. Julie, I am at work before you get up and am still up when you go to bed. GIRL!!! what is wrong with this picture!!!

Kelley said...

I love Julie's day, but I have more of an Abby day these days.