Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raising a Praise Baby

That is my heart's cry for Henry. I want him to love Jesus early in life and I plan to encourage that anyway I can.

Tonight I orderd this for Henry and I am so excited about it! We listened to the sample songs on the computer tonight before we ordered it and it made my heart so happy. I think Henry will love watching it. He has noticed the TV this past week and he loves music. Should be fun.

I then saw this and HAD to order it for our car rides. The list of songs made me giggle with excitement for Henry. I can't wait for him to hide all these little songs in his heart and sing them to his baby when he is 31! I plan to put these in his Easter basket...if I can wait that long to open them. I think I am more excited about this than Henry will ever be! ha.



Charles, Shelly, Emily & Ashley said...

We have 3 of the Praise Baby dvd's and both of my girl's loved them! Emily would just sit and stare at them. It made me feel better about her watching tv that at least she was listening to Christian music :) I like them much better than the Baby Einstein dvd's! You can sing along with these!

Amanda M. said...

Oh, I think I want to get that CD for my Littlest Girl! She'll LOVE IT!