Sunday, March 21, 2010

A wedding and a prayer

I went to a wedding this weekend. The bride and groom go to our church, they have a long history together. Many ups and downs, highs and lows. But through everything their love for each other was never squelched.

Stephen performed the ceremony, I sat in the sound booth and my children sat on the back row of the church.

I couldn't help, as I watched the wedding, listening to the music, watching them exchange vows, but think that in as short as 10 years Stephen and I could be experiencing a wedding from a different point of view.

We have four children, we could have four weddings. Thankfully, 3 rehersal dinners and 1 wedding. God is so wise!

I cried.
Not ugly cried, you know, wedding cried.
How is it that the day before I got on to my children so loudly that they were afraid my head may come off when it got through spinning? And today I cried thinking and knowing that we will have to let go of them one day. Not only let go but give them to someone else.

I'm praying for the spouses of my children and I'm praying for me. That I will be a mother-in-law that is encouragin, loving and not-in-the-way and filled with so many other qualities that I am assured God will give me.

Don't forget to pray for your childrens spouses. It doesn't matter if they haven't even met yet or if they've been married for 16 1/2 years. You may be the only one praying for that person today. What a testimony you will be able to give that special one one day. Telling them that you have prayed for them for years. It could be their greatest gift.



The Family Marsico said...

This is really touching, Julie. And a reminder that I needed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I pray for my children's spouses every day because I raised who they married. I know how tough Stephen and Randall have it.


Kelley said...

I pray for Mary-Kate and Madelyn's spouses. Your post was very touching because that would be such a hard thing to do. Especially with 2 daughters. I am glad I have some time.