Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's The Church, There's the Steeple...

Henry loved going to church for the first time on Sunday. He was able to attend his Uncle Stephen's church for his first church outing. He was the most popular visitor at the First Baptist Church and I do believe the cutest one they have had in a long time ( I am partial, you know).

Uncle Stephen was so glad to have Henry at his church. He recognized him from the pulpit and told everyone about giving him his first real baseball and such. It was cute. Some of the ushers asked Juju if Henry had on a dress. She assured them it was a gown and it was made for a boy. So, if you are looking at these photos and wondering...know that it is a gown and it is proper for an infant to wear things like this...especially a classy little infant like Henry Patton!

I think Henry got a bit convicted at the beginning of the sermon...or he was upset about people talking trash about his gown. He cried out and raised his arms in the air. Like a good Southern Baptist mama, I took him out and we sat in Uncle Stephen's study until the end of the service. His cousins and his Juju were so glad to have him at their church.



Amanda M. said...

Oh my goodness, that baby is soooooo darling!!

Amanda M. said...

OH! And the pic at the end is just too cute. :)

Kelley said...

He is the cutest thing! I love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I wasn't there to hear someone accuse him of wearing a gown. I may have disrupted the worship service. Now, wouldn't that have been a hoot !
Only kidding...just let him outgrow the gown stage ASAP!

The Grandaddy

Anonymous said...

These kids are all adorable!!!
Sherri Williams
Heather Williams Sledge's MOM