Friday, October 9, 2009

So sorry Mom

Last night was a first!

I made chicken & dumplings. From scratch.

I have made chicken and dumplings before. But with biscuits, or the frozen dumplings from Walmart. My friend Tommie Lou (who my dear husband refers lovingly to as "Johnny Lou") told me about the frozen ones and swears by them. But I'm pretty sure she can get anything to taste great! I could not get them to taste right. Stephen was never impressed when we had them.

So, last night chicken enchiladas were on the menu. Then I realized that I had used the flour tortillas for the taco salads the night before. And being the unsocial person that I am, I didn't want to go to the store.

So, I decided to make chicken and dumplings. And used my mother-in-laws recipe. I made the dumplings with flour, eggs, and baking powder. From scratch! Impressed? Well, you should be! I don't make anything from scratch!

To prove my point here is a story. The recipe called for shortening. No problem, I went to the pantry and got the shortening. I opened the lid and thought it smelled a little like salt, and it didn't look like what I thought shortening looked like. So, I looked for the expiration date on the can. It was there.


Yes, September 13 2006. 3 years ago!

The real kicker isn't that I haven't used shortening in over 3 years but that we moved to our current house in October of 2006.


It was Walmart shortening too. You know I had to have had it a while before we moved, because you can never buy anything at Walmart that is anywhere remotely close to the expiration date.

I didn't know what to do, so I googled " substitute for shortening?" And received many entries on how butter can be substituted. So, I did and they were good.

Darn good!!

Stephen said so!

I would have taken a picture of them, but me posting pictures two days in a row? Really, you would have thought someone had kidnapped me and blogged in my name!

After the chicken & dumplings miracle I went to a meeting with some of my homeschool mom friends. Can I tell you what a wonderful evening I had? It was wonderful! Wonderful, I tell you!

And it was just Thursday! Not even the weekend. Oh the hopes I have for the weekend.


hsmomma5 said...

1) Share the recipe chica. Unless it is a family secret, in which case I would not want you to get on your MIL's bad side.

2) It *was* a wonderful time wasn't it? You failed to mention that is was ALSO the first time you attended a mom's meeting at the coffee bean!