Sunday, October 4, 2009

The fair!

I can't believe I've not told you this yet.

What kind of mother am I?

Our county fair was last weekend. Yes, just the weekend.

Samuel had entered a couple of things in the fair a few years ago when we lived in a different county and did really good. Did you know you win money at the fair? I didn't, but I remember Samuel being so excited about winning MONEY and ribbons. What more could a super-competitive boy need?

So, this year I told the kids to find something they had made and we would take them and enter them in the fair. I thought I was being such a good mom.
David only entered one item, a baseball card collection. He put them all in a notebook in his own order and made a cover for the notebook.
Daniel entered 3 pictures he had made while taking art last year.
Samuel entered his derby car from cub scouts, a bookmark he made at Bible School and a loaf of bread made in the bread machine. (Can you believe that is a category? Bread machine bread) Anna entered a paper flower she made in Sunday School.

We took all of our crafts to the fairgrounds to enter them, me still thinking I'm the best mom ever for thinking of doing this, and are met with a gazillion crafts made by just a few people. There were moms of my kids friends entering their kids crafts. They had boxes of things to enter. The shelves were full and we were there just an hour after it had opened!

I no longer felt like the best mom ever. I felt like the worst mom ever. I told the kids of the thoughts running through my head and they assured me that they didn't think that at all. They were glad I hadn't brought a box of their crafts! Thank heavens for that! I don't know if it was the truth or not. But if they were lying they won't get in trouble for it.

So now you want to know how they did don't you? Of course you do!
Anna won 1st place and $3.75 for her paper flower.
David won 1st place and $3.75 for his baseball card collection
Daniel won 2nd place for each of his pictures and $7.00
Samuel won 1st place for his bread, and his derby car and 2nd for his bookmark and $10.00.

I'm thinking they will be taking ME to Mcdonalds this week!

We have already begun being crafty for next year. I'm thinking a refrigerator box may be needed to carry all the wonderful artistic renderings of my children next year!


Kelley said...

Congratulations! That sounds great. I am glad they had a good time.

Lee Ann said...

I think you are a wonderful mom! I never entered any of my kids' things in the county fair. Never thought to do it.