Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you Ready...

to gag? I know my sister is gagging and even Santa is in shock. My Christmas cards are designed and delivered and I have 3 more people to buy Christmas presents for and I am finished! Yes...I am a sick woman, I know. This will make Julie gag a little more...I even have everything wrapped that has been purchased!
This weekend I hope to finish it all up and then start thinking about decorating the house in the next few weeks. Henry is on my brain and the fear of him coming early without my Christmas taken care of adds a whole other level of panic. You know how I adore me some Christmas and this year will be extra special with our new little one. I want it all to be pleasant and as right as it can be. Oh, I have to go see Santa about Henry's gift pretty soon too. I think he has been a good boy and should be on his list! Fun times, for sure. Now back to your regular fall time broadcast!


Shannon and Susan said...

This cracks me up! You go Abby!!! I am with Jules on this one. What's Christmas? I don't even have any Christmas decorations lol! Post lots of pics so I can enjoy yours.