Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 Things That Make Me Smile....and Laugh

The search is over....we found them!
We are handing these out at the hospital. Do you know how rare this candy bar is these days? Well take my word, they are rare. We found 15 at the Country Mart grocery store today after an exhausting search. I wanted 30 but got 15. Some of you will have to share your bar with each other...there are actually 2 in each package...good deal!
I saw this man in the middle on my TV just now. Yes, our Daddy is a HUGE Rebel fan (a Houston fan) and there he was in this pull over, with his pretty silver hair and his sunglasses on my television. I screamed " There's my Daddy!" and Randall about wet himself thinking that something was bad wrong with me. I guess a 33 week pregnant lady should not scream unless it is time. Note to self. This is the second time I have seen my Daddy cheering on the Rebels on my television. It makes me laugh a bit to think of him cheering on the Rebels instead of the Razorbacks. What time can do to a man. Go Daddy!

This makes me pee my pants. My cousin Claire (Our cousin Hollye's daughter) thought this was my voice and tried to convince her mother that it was me. She remembered them telling her that I did radio spots and in her little head she had decided I must do Geico commercials too ( I wish! Bring on the money people). When I heard of this I looked up the commercial on You Tube. I ALMOST DIED. Thanks Claire for thinking I talk like a valley girl from the country. Randall played it about 10 times in a row laughing his head off. I think Hollye and Matthew may have done the same. It was funny...but really. How wrong!

I love my simple little life. It makes me smile and laugh a lot. Bliss.



Kelley said...

That is a scream!