Tuesday, October 13, 2009

J'Town Shower

My dear friends Stacee and Melissa hosted this shower

My sweet Aunt in-law and cousins-in-law came to celebrate Henry. Diana (Aunt) made the cute diaper cake in the corner

Lindsey was sweet to stay for my shower and help me get all of Henry's gifts back to the house

Henry's Marmie (my Mama) sent this handsome outfit

What a fabulous cake and spread. I love a monogram!

Gifts Galore

This is a precious little set

Caden was such a sweet helper. He is Henry's soon to be BFF. They are "kin folk" but they will be friends too.
What a fun bathtime gift.
She made cotton look like bubbles and filled the tub.

Melissa made our hospital door wreath and I LOVE IT!
Mama's door will be fancy. Melissa knew it needed to be since Mama works at the hospital and all.



Kelley said...

It looks like a fun shower! I love the cake, wreath, and outfit that your mom sent. I know you are getting so excited!