Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bedrest.....yeah right!

As you know Abby was sent home on Tuesday for bedrest. It seems her blood pressure was high.

She went home Tuesday like a good girl and rested. And then Wednesday happened....

Her tooth hurt. BAD!!!! She has had tooth trouble for quite a while now and has made many visits to the dentists office.

Well, she had to go back to the dentist yesterday for some more dental work so that the tooth wouldn't give her any more pain. She did this all by herself, while she was supposed to be on bedrest. What a girl!

Then last night happened!

She woke up in great pain around 1:00am and called the dentist at home! The call woke him from a deep sleep and he was rude to her and hung up. He called right back, apologized for being rude saying that he had been in a deep sleep and that he would meet her at the office in 10 minutes. ( Don't you just know that his wife heard the phone conversation and let him have it??!! I bet she hit him with the pillow and shoved him out of the bed!) ( I hope she did anyway!!!)

So, the dentist numbed the tooth and told her to come back this morning. The numbing worked for about 3 hours but she was able to get some sleep.

She went back this morning, he sent her to an oral surgeon who PULLED HER TOOTH! Poor girl. They gave her a prescription for medicine but she couldn't take it because she is pregnant, they then prescribed something else but she was allergic to it. They finally found something she can take and sent her on her way.

Poor girl. I can hardly stand to be here when she is there in so much pain and agony. I know Randall will take great care of her though.

Keep her in your prayers!


Kelley said...

That's awful! I hope with the tooth gone that she will feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Abby Jo!!!!