Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break and Free Food!!

Spring Break for us was last week.

We went to the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. It was really good. The guided tour is informative and entertaining. Upstairs at the museum tucked away in a corner is a childrens room. It has a place for the kids to play dress-up, have puppet shows, play games, and watch educational videos.

We also went to the MacArthur Military Museum. It wasn't on my list of fun things to do over spring break, but it wasn't so bad. They give the kids age appropriate scavenger hunts to do while they walk through the museum. My kids thought it was great, they are always up for a game. They even got a little prize for getting all the answers correct!

Because I am so cheap, the best part of the week was at Shorty Smalls!

We ate lunch there on Monday. At the end of our lunch the manager came by with free coupons to use on our next visit. We were excited and decided when we came back on Thursday to see the military museum that we would once again eat at Shorty Smalls.

And we did.

We used our 2 free appetizer coupons, our 3 free entree coupons, our 1 free milkshake coupons, our 1 free dessert coupon, and our $2.00 off coupon. There were 8 of us. We paid $14.00, for our drinks, tax and Anna's meal. We ate $81.00 worth of food. We got the biggest appetizers, the biggest steak, and the biggest plate of ribs. It was a good food experience!

At the end of that dinner, the manager came by with more free coupons. Oh my goodness!
They had to be used in a very short amount of time, so I gave them to a friend of mine that was going to be in Little Rock on Monday. Her family of 6 ate very cheaply too.

It was a good spring break, and a cheap spring break! The best kind!!!

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Jodi said...

We went to Shorty Smalls last summer. It was really good. Apparently, I don't just need to go shopping with you to save money, but out to eat too! Way to go with the coupons! You are my coupon hero! You should teach a class:)