Monday, April 20, 2009

Anna's birthday

Today my baby is 5.

Or as we say at our house, " a whole hand!"

Having my youngest turn 5 means the end to a few things.

sippy cups
having to dress anyone
church nurserys
toddler department at clothing stores

But I don't mind giving those things up. I have given Anna sippy cups, changed her diapers, dressed her and all the other things that go along with being a mom of a child and loved every minute of it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But now we are beginning a new journey. A journey of a 5 year old.

I think today she is walking with her head held a little higher. She is taking all the excitement about her birthday and using it to her advantage. Her brothers are doting on her today, just as they did 5 years ago. She knows it and is taking full advantage of it!

If you have read this blog for anytime you already know a lot about Anna. But let me take a few lines to refresh your memory.

Anna is a cute little brown haired, brown eyed darling. She at first glance looks like her mom, but when you look at her a little longer she really looks like her daddy. She has a sweet voice, a loud giggle, and a piercing scream!
She loves to play with her brothers. She njoys cutting and glueing. She likes to ride her scooter and swing on her swingset. She knows her numbers and shapes but not her letters, except for J, S, A, and N.
She likes to play with her friends. But she is terribly shy at church, hardly speaking to the people that she loves and that love her. I don't know why but I am praying that she overcomes this shyness.
She has a strong will. I mean a STRONG WILL! James Dobson hasn't seen anything until he sees Anna.!HA!HA!
She also has a loving spirit. She will crawl up in my lap, kiss my cheek and love on me. When we are in the van, she will yell," I love you mom!"

I didn't think I would have a girl. But I am so glad that I do.
Anna is my little girl and I thank God for her.
Happy Birthday Anna!


Sisters said...

I am so glad you had that sweet little mess 5 years ago today!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anna and many more!
Diana Rives

kathy said...

She was your surprise for sure. She worked her way into your heart. She brings out the best in all of us.

Melissa Southerland said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!!!

Jenny Lee said...

Happy birthday, Anna. I love your mom's blog!

Hey, Julie, how do you get out of the church nursery?? I am 61 and still in there:)