Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a couple more things...

I know Easter is over.

Pictures have been posted. Eggs have been found. Easter grass picked up (at least for the time being.)
I hate Easter grass. It stays around until Christmas and then I have pine needles to pick up until Easter. Oh, the joys of the holidays!

I just have a couple of stories...
The kids dyed eggs Saturday and the Easter bunny put them in their baskets Easter Eve. Apparently the EB put someone elses dyed egg in Anna's basket. She was so excited, she knew she hadn't colored that egg and she said
"The Easter Bunny dyed me a egg!"
I laughed! It was one of my favorite quotes of the day.

For breakfast Easter morning I made sausage balls. The kids love them and we eat them probably once a month. I had also cooked a turkey and made dressing for lunch. David came in and said " this smell reminds me of Thanksgiving, I love it." And it reminded me of Thanksgiving too. I usually cook a ham for Easter but I was persuaded to cook a turkey instead. It was good, but gave me a feeling that fall was in the air.
And with the stormy weather it seemed like it.

I hope to take Easter pictures soon. Anna is excited to put her dress back on. She just loves it. I found a house with a beautiful yard while driving around town today. I'm going to try to take pictures there. We'll see.
I really need a new camera, a GOOD camera. But seeing as I break the battery compartment of every camera I have, I don't see me getting a new one soon.
I forget Stephen doesn't read this blog, so that plug for a new camera was really unnecessary!

Happy Tuesday ya'll!!


The Family Marsico said...

I, too, hate Easter grass. I had mine all picked up, swept up, and vacuumed up and then left the kids alone with their father for one hour. I came down stairs and said, "I just cleaned all this up. What happened?" Travis just laughed. I didn't think it was very funny. The Easter grass is everywhere. So today I am re-picking up, sweeping up, and vacuuming up Easter grass - hopefully for the last time this year.