Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Time To David & Daniel

8 years ago today my twin nephews, David & Daniel, were born (I also had jet black hair, without any gray and tighter curls. Man, I have aged). I loved holding both of them at the same time. It was incredible to have that much love wrapped in both of my arms. I can still smell them then when I look at this picture. How fun.
Today these sweet boys still make their Aunt Abby smile with pride. They are both so special in their own little ways and are the most loving little guys. I am leaving in a bit to go see them for the weekend. I am making a cake for David and a separate one for Daniel. They wanted different things. I fear Aunt Abby's creativity is lacking this year, so they best not cry when they see these cakes. After the massive Blue Angels cake last year, there will be a minor diversion in the "wow" factor. I think I am losing my touch or I need a little R&R.....I hope it is the later. I love creativity and miss mine lately.
This little miss is having her 5th birthday party tomorrow and Aunt Abby is making her cake. I will decorate it at her house. Maybe the 3 hour drive will give me the creative juices I need. I can't wait to give her 5 birthday kisses!
And of course, I will get to see this sweet young man smile from ear to ear and hear him say "Aunt Abby is here!!", in his sweet little voice. I hope he still does that when he gets into his teen years and doesn't get too cool for his little short aunt. I will cry!
Well, I best get back to finishing Daniel's "8" cake so I can deliver them all before dark! I am coming Julie, be patient....I promise I am coming.
Aunt Abby


Jodi said...

Happy Birthday D & D! I hope you're having a great bday!!