Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm here!

This is like marathon blogging.

Three posts in one evening.

I just want to say that I love my sister. Very much. No one could love her more. Well, except Jesus but you know what I mean.

In fact I can hear her say the word Jesus as I type His great and might name and it makes me smile. She has the cutest way of saying some words. She and two of her friends used to have their own dialect in school. They were so funny to listen too. I don't think Matt thought it was as funny as I did though.

Don't think for a minute that I won't post here. I will. I do.

And I'm pretty sure the blog idea was mine. So there!!

Oh, let me let you in on something. As you probably know I hid something at Abby's when I was there last month. Tonight she and Randall accused me of hiding their garage door opener and his allen wrenches(I don't even know what an allen wrench is or why you would need more than one, or where in the heck he would keep them!) So, don't let all that sisterly love throw you off. She is mean to me. She just does it when no one can hear it or read it!!!


Sisters said...

Yeah, Yeah, whatever! :)

Anonymous said...

OK... to your corners! hahaha



kathy said...

I am the mother and I got blamed for having the garage door opener too..i don't have it either..and i don't have the allen wrenches either...

Jodi said...

Ok now sisters..kiss and makeup already. We love you! Would love to see more sister tales, Q & A, and crafty stuff is great too. Now stop fighting and get back to blogging. :)