Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter pics

Aren't they precious?
Anna's dress is a Strausburg dress and I love it,! She loves it too and didn't want to take it off after church.
Daniel is wearing a pink and white striped linen shirt with his khaki pants. Quite cute.
David is wearing a white linen shirt under a pastel patchwork plaid blazer with a green and white striped tie and khaki pants. He picked out the whole outfit and thought he was something. And he was!
Samuel wore a white polo with khaki pants. He was late coming home from church this morning, so I took his picture separately. He was also very handsome this Easter.
I hope your Easter was a great one. Our Lord has risen from the dead!
And for my daddy- Up from the grave He arose....!


Sisters said...

Uncle Randall loves the blazer!
They are all so fine! Love them to pieces.

Melissa Southerland said...

They all looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

David Robert has on a sports jacket like Charles Robert wore back "in the day". He looks alot like Bobby Knight once looked on the bench before he dropped the sports jackets for the sweaters.
They all look precious, as anyone would expect.
Yo Daddy