Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Treat

This weekend Mama and our Aunt Janet came to visit me in J'Town. Aunt J wanted to see the new pad and we were so happy to have her company. She took us to eat BBQ at our favorite spot on Friday night. Saturday morning I made breakfast and then we headed out to Peterson's. It is always a treat to go to Peterson's. (It is like the old Triple R Freight ,with a touch of AtoZ, for those of you from the Fort.) Mama had built up Aunt J's excitement for 50 cent Dayspring cards. It was much fun. Mama won the award for spending the most. She found a great deal on Altoids and toothpaste. I am telling ya, it was exciting. We got lots of good deals.
We 3 girls then went and ate sushi for lunch. It was Aunt J's first time to have it, so it was fun. Aunt J then went to Sonic and got me a Diet Coke with lime and Rand a peach SWEET tea...she is the best, I tell ya. (Mama did not want a case you are wondering why she was not included)
I love you, TBEO!
My Aunt J watching me make "Tina's Meridian Council Strawberry Cake" and coaching me on the icing. My Aunt J is THE icing guru.
Yes, this is Tina's cake and it is oh-so-yummy!
It was a mess to make and a fun mess, at that. I used a recipe out of Bell's Best that I had never really even looked at before Friday night. We have no idea who Tina is. She was the one who submitted the recipe and we hope she does not still make a habit of submitting to cookbooks.
Mama and Aunt J sat at the bar while I set out to make the cake. An hour or so later we all had powdered sugar on us and I had laughed so hard I blew bubbles out my nose. It was the biggest mess. Needless to say, Tina's recipe was bad and we had to make up our own.
Aunt Janet said it tasted better than an expensive bakery bought cake. It was really that good. Honest engine. It was a miracle, thanks to she and Mama's baking wisdom. What a fun memory.

Mama brought some of her beads so I could make keychains. Mama actually made them. I just watched. I love all of Mama's little hobbies/crafts.
(Julie we made you one too!)

Me, Mama Sue and Mama in my kitchen
Saturday night I cooked dinner for Mama, Aunt Janet, and our dear family friends, Ron & Sue (and of course, Randall). We grilled pork chops, had twice baked potatoes, spinach salad and garlic cheese bread...and of course we had Tina's strawberry cake!
We had a fun time visiting, eating and laughing.

This afternoon Rand's parents came to visit for a few hours and look at his handy-dandy tile work in the master bathroom. It was fun to see so many of our "people" this weekend. What a treat!

Thank you for continuing to pray for our cousin, Clay. He is still very, very ill and in need of lots of prayer. Mama flew to Denver today to be with Aunt Suzy and provide a little moral support and lots of hugs. It is a very stressful time for our family, as you can imagine. Thank you for praying without ceasing for Clay Allen Griffin.



Posh Mommy said...

It sounded like you had a fun and yummy weekend. I pray that your cousin, Clay, feels the peace of God during this time of illness and for His touch of healing!

Anonymous said...

Clay Allen is one of those guys who has always been "good people" just like the rest of his family.
I'm glad the Lord let that family pass through my life.

Anonymous said...

The weekend was as fun as Abby describes! If you haven't been to visit Abby and Randall... you should go!

Love ya!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous! Mom said your house is unbelievably beautiful--that pictures don't do it justice! I guess I'm just going to have to pack up and come get a piece of Casa Lee for myself!

Still praying constantly for Clay here...he just HAS to get better soon..