Monday, March 23, 2009


I really wish I had a picture to post.
Tonight was Anna's first T-ball practice.
I bought her a cute black Under Armor type shirt and black shorts with a white and pink stripe down the sides to wear to practice. I thought she was going to be so cute in it and she did not disappoint. She was the cutest thing out there. The. Cutest. Thing.
There is one other girl on the team. But she is 6 and much taller so the cute factor is really in Anna's favor. But when that other little girl puts her hair in pigtails with cute little barrettes Anna is going to have some stiff competition!
I'm sure Anna will be playing left field since in t-ball no balls will be hit out there. But I don't think she will mind. She is just going to be the cutest thing on the field. I can't wait until her first game. I will probably have to video it and post it on here.
So, stay tuned. I'm sure you won't want to miss that!!!!


Sisters said...

I can't wait to see it!!! I hope she plays that weekend I come for B'Days.

Jodi said...

I cannot wait to see her on the field this year! She is such a doll. Go Anna!

Anonymous said...

She, just like her big brothers, is obviously beginning her road to the baseball hall of fame. Just a matter of time.
Anna's Granddaddy