Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Wig Of A Time

Blondes do have more fun...especially when they are wearing the "Classic Abby" and hanging out in East Texas with their grandparents!
Yes, I am sporting the Paula Young "Classic Abby". My Mawmaw is wearing the "Collette".
We had great fun wearing the wigs. Even Randall and UD got in some pictures while wearing the "Abby". UD looked like a surfer dude and Randall looked like a creepy hairy dude. I chose not to embarrass them by posting their pictures. So, you can use your imagination.
Mawmaw let me have the "Classic Abby". We have laughed so hard about it being Paula Young's best seller and Mawmaw had it in the top of her closet in a box. Priceless. The catalog says, "Abby is a tried and true classic that looks great with just a shake!"...and I sure like to think so!

The "RWMOVAC" turned out perfect. We have given it this code name. We labeled the freezer labels this way. (If I die before it gets eaten, remember it is the applesauce cake and it is yummy thaw it and eat it) Mawmaw's new wonderful oven passed the test.

The Texas Blue Bonnet on Mawmaw's porch was so pretty. UD gave us seeds to take home and we have already planted them! Everything was in bloom and so beautiful.

We had a wonderful time!



Green Acres said...

Abby, please make sure Julie lets me know the next time you come to visit. You are just so much fun, and I'd love to meet in person:) I loved the wig! Too cute!