Friday, March 27, 2009

Life With My Sister

It all started 2 years ago...
Happy Blogiversary to us!

Tell us what posts you have really enjoyed and what you would like to see more of?


Trish said...

Hello sisters! Two of my favorites, okay well now I have thought of three are:
1.) Any time Julie posts about hiding stuff at Abby's house. Cracks me up.
2.)I loved Abby's recap of the year. I really touched me because I am in a similar situation. Just not as far a long.
3.)It was also fun the week that Julie introduced us to her children. I thought that was really neat, since I haven't ever met them.
Looking forward to many more blog years.

Jodi said...

Happy Blogiversary Sisters!!!

I loved the Sisters Q & A. That was so much fun, and it really gives me hope for my 2 girls.

I love Julie's honesty and transparency in her posts. She always manages to crack me up!

I love Abby's fun personality, I want to be her IRL friend too.

I love how I can really feel the Sister's love for each other and other family members, and how it makes me wish God had given me a sister.

I love reading about the relationship the Sisters share, and I'm looking forward to reading for many more years! I heart you guys! :) Well done!!

Anonymous said...

I love Abby's writing style. She has a great sense of humor.
I love reading about Julie’s kids.

Love YA