Thursday, March 19, 2009

East Texas Love

I get to hug this sweet man's neck tomorrow.
I have not hugged him since last June.
Way overdue, I say!
We are heading to east Texas to see Mawmaw & UD!!!!
There will be lots of laughter, funny faces and cooking going on this weekend.
Mawmaw has a new oven and I can't wait to bake our Ruth Whitson's Mother's Virginia Applesauce Cake in it!
(She will kill me for posting this picture! ha )

I best get off here and get my bag packed!



Sarah said...

Oh, I am INSANELY jealous. Be sure to give them each one squeeze for me.

Sisters said...

I will squeeze each of them once for you...the rest of the time it will be all for me! And don't be jealous, it is a sin...insanity is okay though! :)