Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is How We Roll

This is Henry's room. He does not like to play in it alone, but he LOVES to play in there. We have a Sunday School Songs CD we keep in his CD player. He makes us turn it on every time we play in there. I enjoy watching him play and sing but we can get stuck in there for hours. He holds us hostage! So, on this day Randall was working from his laptop and playing. I was sitting on his bed. Parenting is a big ole job of multi-tasking. I love it more than words.

We are so excited about spring weather! We were working in the yard and I knew it was quite in Fort Henry.  I looked up to find our little H man playing his games on his daddy's phone. Hey, at least he was outside and not sitting on the couch playing with it on this pretty day!

I then captured this photo on my camera and love it. He got in out of the sun and kicked back in his chair. Henry is loving that guitar shirt I scored brand new at a resale shop in town for 2 bucks. I was pretty tickled with it too. I love sharing my bargains with the world. I am like my Meemaw in that respect!

Henry rode up front while Randall drove his truck to the backyard. It was exciting times for Henry. I think he is starting to look more like his daddy and especially when he wears his hat. I love a fun, pretty, spring day at home with these two boys of mine. Simple and fun are how we like to roll.