Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's A Splash

Henry was so excited to go to his first swimming lesson. We told him he had to learn how to swim or we couldn't go to the beach this year. It was sort of a lie, but we knew we had to have some motivation for him to learn. If you know Henry, you know it takes some dangling carrots sometimes. The beach and pools that we swim in there are the best dangling carrots for him. It is the best place on earth, according to him.

This is how the lesson began. Henry on the side kicking the water, as she instructed, and repeating over and over, "I'm done. let's go!" If you know Henry very well, you can just hear it in your head and can't help but laugh. Randall and I were laughing so hard.

 Henry decided that this swim lesson might be fun after all and since we promised him ice cream on the way home, he knew he better participate or it would be a no ice cream ride home. I loved this picture. His excitement beams through. I love that face.

He learned to kick, make big arm circles, blow bubbles in the water, and go under water real quick and pop back up. He really got into it toward the end and was showing out to the man swimming laps in the lane next to him. It was funny and the man swimming laps cheered for Henry. It was cute stuff.

 He and Kate had a fun time in the water. She was very good with him and he trusted her within about 5 minutes. That is pretty big for our little Henry! I think he would swim into a lagoon full of sharks with her already! I am excited to see how the second lesson goes later this week. I am so excited we found great private lessons for him and they can be held at our gym. I feel blessed to happen upon Kate through our local swim team.



His Doorkeeper said...

Henry will be having a fun time this summer when he goes to the beach! Good for you for getting him some lessons first!