Friday, April 26, 2013

The Stings Of Love

Henry loves his Hollye. I think he thinks she is mine and Juju's sister, and I am totally cool with that! Henry had so much fun eating ice cream and shopping the dollar bins at Target in Memphis with her, while Randall and I had our pre-cancer spots frozen off at the dermatologist. A little annual event at our house. Fun times. Henry loved it, so that made our stings and ouchies bearable.

We met up with them at Target. Henry was entertaining everyone and had Hollye in stitches. He is truly a funny guy and runs his mouth nonstop (Hollye said she wonders where he gets it?! ha). He scored these blue sunglasses and put them on upside down and performed "chicken, airplane, soldier" in the entrance to Target. I love the laughter he provokes in all of us.

Before we headed back over the bridge to go home we stopped at our favorite BBQ joint for a late lunch/early supper. The Commissary is the "bomb-dot-com" and the banana pudding is not too shabby, as you can tell in the above photo. I love the flexability of these days and the memories we are making in the stings and dollar bins of life.