Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Batman Boy

Riding home from school this week, while stopped at a stop light, Henry proclaims  with a huge smile on this face, in an excited tone and loud voice:

"I'm going to be Batman with my face when I grow up. I'm going to have a mask. See. Like this." (while making mask eyes with his hands)

I assured him he was already my little Batman because he in fact was wearing Batman underwear. He then tried his hardest to try to see the back of his underwear while buckled in his car seat. I love these little moments in the car with this sweet child of mine. Never a dull moment and always full of laughter.

He proclaimed this about an hour after the bombing in Boston. I thought of how many real life Batman's there were at that moment helping the hurting. So, when Henry says he is going to grow up and be Batman with his face, I truly believe he will. I pray that he will be a helper, a real life hero.

Henry of course has no idea what happened in Boston this week, but one day he will be aware of the unnecessary evil in this world. I hope he remembers to always be Batman with his face, mask or no mask. That little face is bound to do good, I just know it.