Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lessons In Love

 "I want to get more trucks out, Mama...please?!" My house is dominated by toy trucks. I pulled only these out of the garage and he sat there and whined for the ones in the den, his bedroom closet and in his toy cabinet. Yes, he has that many spots in the house full of toys. It is pitiful, really. His face was priceless as he whined. I had to capture it, of course.
How can this not be enough? I guess we are all guilty of wanting more than what we have in certain areas. I cannot get too mad at him about it because I have the same problem sometimes. It is funny how our children teach us lessons. I could do without all the whining, but I am sure God feels the same way about me at times. Ouch!

I want to lock this image into my heart forever. Henry LOVES to push and race his dump trucks. This is his largest one and the most fun to push. He giggles and screams with each step. I love his excitement for the simple things. It also teaches me a lesson about slowing down and soaking up the little mundane things in life.

 Walmart. I dislike this place in a LARGE way. Henry LOVES it. His Daddy was gone planting and we were at home playing after supper. He begged to go to walmart. BEGGED. I knew I needed a few things so we loaded up and went. I am not one to jump out in the evening. I am like a hermit after supper. He wanted to wear his Daddy's "football game hat" and ride in the big side of the cart. He had big plans. I made sure it happened. He was happy...and I got the few things i needed. Sometimes it is fun to step out on the wild side (sad that this is wild...I live such crazy life, I tell ya!) and makes a fun memory. We then drove home the long way, per Henry's request.

This is growing in my flower bed. It is what we call the "Aunt Mitt" because it is from my mother's great-aunt's yard many moons ago. My Mawmaw has had this plant for years. She gave us a little bit of it about five years ago and here it is...still going strong at our house . I love the history of it and the love that comes with it.



Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Aunt Mitt plant.
It can be found in most of the
gardens in our family. Keep it