Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running Fun


We started our weekend with a little 5K Friday night in downtown Memphis. We decided to do it last minute and had a fun time. I love a night run, especially in the Bluff City. Good times, good times. The start line was on Beale and ended in front of Gibson Guitar and FedEx Forum. Henry liked running by the river the best. I was disappointed in my time but Randall reminded me that it was 7 minutes faster than the Elvis 5K last August. I was all grins then. The simple things, I tell ya.

I love these small people. These are Henry's Sunday School friends. We had extended session this week and they all wanted me to take their picture when they saw my camera in my purse. It thrills my heart to know they are learning to love Jesus together. What a blessing it is to go to church!

Henry loves working the puzzles at church but will hardly touch the ones we have at home. Children are so funny that way. I love this little face and all the smiles it brings me each day. We had a fun weekend and hope you did too!



Kelley said...

That's awesome you guys are running. My mom has joined a Women can run group. She is training for her first 5K in Conway. She is super excited.