Monday, October 29, 2012

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

The weekend before Henry's surgery his Marmie came to visit us and we three headed out to the pumpkin patch for a little fall time fun.

We took Henry to this same place last year and thought it was really fun. We decided to take him back this year. He and his Marmie were so cute in this cutout.

This year he is much more independent than he was last year. Henry is full of life. There is never a dull moment. I adore his personality so much. It is contagious.

He is my growing little pumpkin. Last year he was almost at the middle of that third pumpkin. If I was a savvy blogger I would have compared the 2 pics for you but I have no time to dig through old photos, so just believe me!

Henry spotted a wagon full of fall goodness and decided he needed it. It was a hoot watching him attempt to pull it. He was actually successful at it and I feared a hernia, so I made him stop. He was unwilling, of course, but he had diversion, thankfully.

That diversion was corn. A hug tub of corn. He would have played in it all day if we had let him. It was really cute and fun to watch. He knows corn puts food on his table, so he loves it..ha!

We were excited to have our preschool friends from church join us for some pumpkin patch fun. Henry went down this slide about 513 times with the help of our friend and Sunday School teacher, James. Our church family loves our boy like crazy and that makes us love them like crazy. We have a lot of fun together.

 Henry found the stick horse area and went to town. It was great practice since he will be a cowboy for Halloween!

Me and my girl Lisa kicking it on the farm! This photo makes me laugh. She is my friend and our preschool director at church. We are soul sisters. We are opposite in so many ways, and alike in so many ways.  I love her braided pigtails and her pet pig more than you know. It makes me smile so big! And I am sporting a bucket of worms, just so you know.

Our little pumpkin had so much fun with his friends and running all over picking up gourds, pumpkins and corn kernels. He was a tired, dirty mess.

Having Marmie go with us made it extra special. We loved making a memory like that with her and I know she loved it just as much.

Lunch time came and we loaded up and headed out with our little pumpkin. I have a secret obsession with Ryan's salad bar. No one will eat there with me. It is a joke among Julie, Randall and me. They make fun of me, of course. Mama went with us to eat lunch there and it was fabulous! I am sure she did not think it was fabulous, but she acted like it was because she loves me. I love her for that.  I could do a whole post on the buffet salad bar obsession, but I will spare our few faithful readers from such nonsense.

Our pumpkin is gearing up for a Halloween party at school and some trick or treat fun with friends. He will be cowboying it up this year. I am sure I will be posting photos of it all by the end of the week. I hope you have more treats than tricks this week!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Asleep in the Hospital

Henry is sound asleep in the hospital tonight. He got dehydrated and was not taking his medication so the doctor admitted him for some IV fluids and meds. He is so pitiful and lifeless. It is sad. We pray all the meds and fluids will get our Henry back on course and headed home tomorrow.
My friend Lisa prayed the best prayer for him tonight in the hospital room. She asked God to bend his little will and that he would take his meds when he got back home. I ask you to pray the same, if you will.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Henry's Surgery Report

 Henry's surgery went well and we have him at home for at least a week recouping. After a rough first day of not wanting his meds, we are finally getting him to take them. I snapped some photos at the surgery center, of course.

Henry was unsure of his surgery but excited about the dog gown and toys they nurses gave him. Randall and I were back with him in pre op while my sweet mama waited in the waiting area.

They got some meds in him, after quite a battle, and they instantly made him loopy. It was so funny and sad at the same time. Randall recorded some if it on his phone. I will try to load it on here sometime soon. The nurses gave him lots of stickers so he had me stick them all over his body.

 I tired not to cry, but I did for just a bit while we were waiting for them to take him back to surgery. I was glad my mama was there with us while we waited during the surgery. I am also so glad she sat by me after ragging on my attire and wet hair in the waiting room. She was mortified I dressed the way I did. She was cracking us up. Ole, Kathy! Randall ratted me out and said I go out this way a lot. It is true and sadly, I am not ashamed. I may need an intervention.

After his surgery they came out to get me. He was screaming for his mama. I lost it, of course. I got to him and rocked him and sang for a bit to calm him down. He would look up at me crying and say "don't cry mama." It was so pitiful.
We came home and he has been planted on the couch since. He has received presents in the mail, visitors and lots of gifts. He is a loved little rotten boy. Thank you for praying for his recovery. We appreciate it more than you know!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Surgery Day

"You are gonna do what?"

Today this precious boy is having his tonsils and adenoids removed, having ear tubes put in and getting tested for allergies. I am a wee but anxious, but I know that he is one of many to have this done, but yet still, he is our only one and this is not our normal.

Pray that this helps our Henry Patton dry up and breathe better.  Pray for his doctor to have a steady hand, sharp mind and a soft touch with our son. Pray for Henry's pain tolerance, to not resist his medicine, and for him to have a speedy recovery. Pray for Randall and I to be anxious for nothing but in prayer and application let our requests be known to God! This is gonna be big for us. We are both very over protective of this precious joy of ours. My mama heart is heavy this morning for my little fella but I rest knowing we have our loving family and faithful friends praying us through this.

I took this photo at the ENT last month when we scheduled the surgery. He was so excited to get a sucker and a sticker. He had no idea what we were preparing for him. Poor little love!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coasting Into Fall

We loaded up last Friday and headed down to the Alabama Gulf Coast for one last rendezvous in the sun before the year is over. Randall finished his harvest last week, so it was perfect timing.

Our first stop when we hit the coast was the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores. Henry loved the funnel cake and I enjoyed watching him eat it. He was covered in sugar. We have eaten them several times this fall at the fairs and such. He is a sucker for one...and so are we!

It is like they knew I was coming! I saw my name without an "e" in it. I was so excited, but I did not buy worries! We did end up buying some wall art for the den and some other cute things. We are a sucker for a festival.

We then went to check into the Caribe. We love it there. We like the view of the bay and the gulf. We stayed in the exact location in May, just 2 floors lower. It is so clean, modern and quiet. The pools are great and the access to the beach is close.

Henry loves the elevator at the Caribe. The floors are voice automated and it is a real monotone, female voice. He loves to mimic it. He also loves to ride on the utility cart we use to load and unload the truck. It is truly the simple things!

We asked Henry if he wanted the beach or the pool first. He chose the pool. He loves to play in the water. We loved how little traffic there was at the pools this time of year. We played in all of them...alot!

We watched the sunset on the beach one night. It was so beautiful. It makes me wonder how anyone can deny there is a God who loves us and watches over us. Wonderful works of His hand for sure.

This little boy loved running and splashing his feet in the water. This face is what it is all about it. If ever I am having a trying or tired day I can see this face and all is right in my world. I wish I could bottle up the giggle that comes with it. It is the perfect noise.

Throwing sand quickly became his activity of choice. Randall had it dripping from his face and hat. I had it dripping from my shirt. Henry thought it was the funniest thing ever and wore himself out throwing wet sand at us. It was the perfect way to end a day at the beach.

While we were there we decided to experience Lulu's. We had seen it and heard about it alot but never braved the crowds. Since it was a slow time of year we went. It was a great atmosphere for Henry and the band was playing gospel music because it was a Sunday night. It was fun. Lulu is Jimmy Buffett's sister. It is a colorful and fun place. I am more of a Bubba's kind of girl though and think I will stick with that next visit. I like a quaint place with raw oysters. I am glad we tried Lulu's even though she does not serve raw oysters.

We try to eat out twice while we are at the beach and eat in the rest of the meals. We eat pizza, taquitos, pb&jelly sandwiches and all sorts of other junk. It is fun to just not care for a few days and Henry loves all the junk! We then pack a cooler with seafood before we head home. We love all the markets and the interesting seafood they sell. We can then freeze it at home and eat on it until our next trip.

It was a lazy and relaxing trip. We spent lots of time on this lazy river and laughed a lot. I love laughing with my little family. We even got tans. We were not going for that this time and scored big. It is funny how when we are trying to "rock a tan" we don't get one. Randall now has no farmers tan. What a great way to end harvest! I have on no make up today at work and look colorful. It is great.  

We are now ready to gear up for the holidays and birthdays. We stopped at our favorite produce stand in Jackson, Ms. They had it decorated so cute. They took this photo of us in one of their cutouts. It makes me smile. What a fun little getaway with my best boys!


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Worst Written Post EVER!

A couple of months ago the pastors wife at First Baptist in Leachville, AR asked me to speak at their women's luncheon that was held this weekend. I love FBC Leachville so I immediately said yes. Last week I was wishing I hadn't been so quick to say yes. Nervous doesn't begin to describe how I felt. Oh my!

I don't mind getting in front of people and speaking. There have been many times when I've introduced the speaker but there has never been a time when I have been the speaker. It was a new experience but I'm glad I got the opportunity to share with them.

The room was decorated with beautiful mums. They gave me one to take home and it was honestly the biggest mum I've ever seen. It was almost too big to pick up. And you know what happened? I left it. Oh, I was just sick about it. It was beautiful and HUGE. I hope Christy takes good care of it for me.

Stephen and I were able to go alone and spend a fun time at dinner with our friends Jill, Nathan and Dana and Tracy. Good, long time friends who we love spending time with. We are so grateful for their friendship and to God for putting us together early in our marriage.

We stayed in a great hotel but we were interrupted many times by a group of guys standing outside our window talking. I finally got up and told them to move at 4:00AM. They were nice and moved, but came out again at 4:45 and seemed to be disturbed that I would come out again and ask them to move. My advice? If you're going to be completely dressed and awake DON'T get a hotel room! Ugh, it wasn't the most restful sleep.

The weekend was absolutely wonderful. How was yours?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Little Pumpkin

It is always busy at our house these days because of scenes like this one. Henry decided to dump all his toys out of the toy box and then dump all his books out of the baskets and put them in the toy box. He of course stops and recites each book as he fills up the toy box. It made a huge mess but occupied him for a while and occupied trumps mess sometimes. It was also just super cute to watch.

Santa Claus brought Henry this barn for his first Christmas.  He was 3 weeks old. Just in the past month he has taken to it. He is also learning more about Santa Claus. I am not sure why the intrigue all the sudden since we have not even had Halloween yet....but something makes me think it has to do with that bloomin Barney VHS...Marime is going to pay for that someday, someway!  It is constant "Where Santa Claus go? Him go North Pole, Mama? Him make toys? Barney at North Pole with Santa Claus? Santa Claus bring me red truck with trailer and crossfit toys, Mama?" Yes it is is going to get old since it is just mid-October! Heaven help us. 

We decided to start sporting our Halloween and pumpkin wears this week. This little outfit with the skeleton glows in the dark. He was glowing at nap time at school. He loved wearing it.

 This is one of the Ebay shirts I got for free 2 years ago from a girl who has a son named Henry. I happened to message her about an outfit she had for sale and we struck up a conversation about our sons with the same name. She sent me 6 shirts with "Henry" on them for free. I was so tickled and can't believe he is big enough to wear them now. He is growing so fast!

"This MY pumpkin, Mama?"

He IS my little pumpkin! Being almost three is a new world for the three of us. Our house may never be the same. We will survive it together and hopefully with a laugh. I love to laugh.


Monday, October 8, 2012


Daniel is on the left and David is on the right in both pictures. (At least thats what we tell ourselves about the first picture)
I can't believe these babies are 11 1/2. They seemed so little, and fragile back then. I didn't know what to expect with twins. I had visions, and nightmares about two boys the same age. But those visions didn't come true.

They were good eaters, sleepers (Thank you Babywise!) and even good toddlers. I often say having them is the most fun I've ever had. 

When I was pregnant I thought one would be blond and the other brown headed, they arrived looking just alike. We didn't know who was who just by looking the whole first year! It wasn't a good feeling not being able to tell your children apart. 

Although David and Daniel look a lot alike they act so differently. And I love each of them so very much. God gave them such different personalities. They bring much laughter and smiles to our lives.

A few months ago a preacher friend came up to me to tell me that a dear older man in the church had come to him saying that my boys were tricking him. I knew it was going to happen sometime, we tease about it, but I couldn't believe they had chosen to trick an older man. I confronted them about it and they denied it, when asked separately and together.

Months have passed and the man had been sick and was back in church Sunday. Daniel went to say hi to him during church, and as he was walking back to me, the man turned to a friend of mine and asked if she knew him. He told her that he used to think he was a twin!! It turns out when he said the boys were tricking him, he actually thought it was one boy trying to convince him he had a twin! I couldn't believe it, how funny. I told the boys and Daniel was so relieved. He had felt bad about tricking the man.

We knew they would pull a trick or two, but never did we think telling the truth would cause confusion! I hope you get to meet these boys in person one day if you haven't already. They love the Lord so very much and are good sons. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them in the future.

Oh, these boys bring us such joy.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soaking In Motherhood

We live in a town with no family. We live hours away, counties away, and state lines away from them. It is what we know and it is how we have lived now for 4 years. It is life, yet there are days I would give a front tooth to have my mama, my sister, my daddy or my mother in love in the same town as me.

Randall travels a lot. It is what we know and it is how we have lived for years now. It is life, yet there are days when he is gone that I wonder if I will make it to bedtime with a shred of sanity left in me. This week is one of those weeks. He will be on a late flight tonight and get back to town at about 2 am to ensure he wakes up with us in the morning. He tries to stay no more than 2 or 3 nights away at a time. I know some people have husbands who are home every night and feel the way i do, because their husbands don't help. Mine helps. He helps too much! I am bad about letting him do it all some nights so when he is away for 3 nights I begin to fold. I am spoiled I guess.

My friend Emily thinks I am "amazing" and scratches her head in wonder on how I can work, volunteer in the community, teach at church, keep a house clean and be a single mama sometimes. I laugh at her. I don't know any different. It is my life. Her parents and in-laws live in our town. She knows no other way, just like I know no other way. We are both in awe at each other and how we manage motherhood.

Tonight I was in breakdown mode and my daddy called. I picked up and he sensed I was about to loose it and he asked to talk to Henry. When Henry got off the phone with his grandaddy he was a different child. He was calm and receptive to instruction. I think God had my daddy call at that moment. I am bad about letting no one know when I am about to break or fold. I like to appear to have it under control, but sometimes it is just an act. This week it has been an act. I am spent. I have a potty training rowdy toddler who is pushing all my mama buttons.

If you are in shoes like me, don't feel alone. I don't have parents or inlaws down the street, I don't have parents or inlaws who visit on a regular schedule either. We do it all, all the time and we love it. We don't complain. You will never hear us complain. This post is not a complaint. It is just a vent and an encouragement for those who struggle with this sometimes like I do. We love being all to our boy, yet we are human, but thankfully,  God is great. He gives me the strength and patience I need and He gives me an unexpected phone call at the right time to brush a calm over things.

God also lovingly gives me the little voice at supper that says, "I love you mama. You my best friend!" He also gives me the little voice that quotes John 1:3 without being prompted in class at church and wows me with how much he is learning. Motherhood is a gift like no other. I am so glad God gave me Henry and I am so glad God gave me His presence. I am also so glad that the last voice I hear on the nights I am home alone is Henry's, when he says "Night night. I love you sweet mama!"

It's a season in life and from what I hear it is a short one and I am suppose to soak it up. I am soaking... but somedays it is not as sudsy of a soak as the other days!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Wolf Nation

If you have a pulse in the state of Arkansas this football season you know that stAte is the stuff! We have never been real big fans of Randall's alma mater because around these parts you either love or hate the Hogs and we love the Hogs.  In fact, we had only been to 2 stAte games in the 4 years we lived here until this past weekend. Things are changing around here and since our beloved Hogs are in agony and too painful to watch, we decided to support the home team.

Henry loved the impromptu tailgate with our friends. He and Quinn ran around in the grass barefoot like true Arkansas delta boys. They were a rowdy mess.

These delta red wolf boys make my heart happy. James and Randall keep me on my toes and usually laughing. They don't let much pass when it comes to my shenanigans...or Emily's either.

Randall discovered while getting dressed for the game (and noticing that Henry and I matched...but of course) that he owns no ASU attire except a ball cap. How is it that I never attended a UCA Bears game in my entire college tenure there and own 2 tshirts, bought new in recent years and my homeboy lives in Red Wolf Nation and owns only a cap, and graduated from this great place. Go figure! He looked preppy in his striped get up though. We will be buying my honey a shirt soon. We spotted one on a guy at the game that has his name written all over it!

This was Henry's first football game. He has attended 2 baseball games, a minor league and major league game this past summer. He kept calling it "baseball"... and calling the Hogs. He was one confused little fan. Bless it.

Emily loves her some stAte. She bought the boys foam fingers and is now mom of the season.

Henry FINALLY got his mascot straight and started howling like a wolf by halftime. He decided to hang with James after he kept hitting the lady in front of him with his foam finger. She was not amused by him at all, even though she had grass and a bug in her hair to begin with. You can only imagine the fun we had with that! Anyway he had fun with James. He was singing Jesus Loves The Little Children really loud and waving his foam finger proud for all to see. It was a fun time and I think you will see us at more stAte games. It is ok to howl and snort...just not at the same time.

Go Red Wolves and Go Hogs!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Really DID go to the Beach

If you've read this blog for very long you know that my people aren't fond of taking pictures. Well, except for Anna. I don't even fight them anymore. I just hope my mind can hold the memories we make and that I won't need the help of pictures. I hope, I don't believe it will happen. My memory is not what it should be!
So, these are the picture I will show you from our beach vacation. I took others of the actual beach and my kids in the water but for some reason I'm having trouble posting them. Surprised?
But, who needs to see the kids when you can see a picture of me in the Walmart bathroom and Stephen and me at our fave restaurant.
Really, it's a toss up between the actual beach and the eating we do that are my favorite things to do on vacation. I couldn't even sleep the night before we left for thinking of all the great food I was going to get to eat.
The picture of Stephen and me was taken at Mcguires. They have the best steaks. Did you hear me? The best steaks! Oh my!
We stayed at Orange Beach, AL. I want to write a post sometime about favorite places to eat, do and stay in lower Alabama. So be thinking of your favorite places there and we'll put them all together in one place.