Monday, October 15, 2012

The Worst Written Post EVER!

A couple of months ago the pastors wife at First Baptist in Leachville, AR asked me to speak at their women's luncheon that was held this weekend. I love FBC Leachville so I immediately said yes. Last week I was wishing I hadn't been so quick to say yes. Nervous doesn't begin to describe how I felt. Oh my!

I don't mind getting in front of people and speaking. There have been many times when I've introduced the speaker but there has never been a time when I have been the speaker. It was a new experience but I'm glad I got the opportunity to share with them.

The room was decorated with beautiful mums. They gave me one to take home and it was honestly the biggest mum I've ever seen. It was almost too big to pick up. And you know what happened? I left it. Oh, I was just sick about it. It was beautiful and HUGE. I hope Christy takes good care of it for me.

Stephen and I were able to go alone and spend a fun time at dinner with our friends Jill, Nathan and Dana and Tracy. Good, long time friends who we love spending time with. We are so grateful for their friendship and to God for putting us together early in our marriage.

We stayed in a great hotel but we were interrupted many times by a group of guys standing outside our window talking. I finally got up and told them to move at 4:00AM. They were nice and moved, but came out again at 4:45 and seemed to be disturbed that I would come out again and ask them to move. My advice? If you're going to be completely dressed and awake DON'T get a hotel room! Ugh, it wasn't the most restful sleep.

The weekend was absolutely wonderful. How was yours?