Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Really DID go to the Beach

If you've read this blog for very long you know that my people aren't fond of taking pictures. Well, except for Anna. I don't even fight them anymore. I just hope my mind can hold the memories we make and that I won't need the help of pictures. I hope, I don't believe it will happen. My memory is not what it should be!
So, these are the picture I will show you from our beach vacation. I took others of the actual beach and my kids in the water but for some reason I'm having trouble posting them. Surprised?
But, who needs to see the kids when you can see a picture of me in the Walmart bathroom and Stephen and me at our fave restaurant.
Really, it's a toss up between the actual beach and the eating we do that are my favorite things to do on vacation. I couldn't even sleep the night before we left for thinking of all the great food I was going to get to eat.
The picture of Stephen and me was taken at Mcguires. They have the best steaks. Did you hear me? The best steaks! Oh my!
We stayed at Orange Beach, AL. I want to write a post sometime about favorite places to eat, do and stay in lower Alabama. So be thinking of your favorite places there and we'll put them all together in one place. 



Kelley said...

How cute are you? That is something that my family would do. We have good intentions of taking pictures, but would forget the camera, or it wouldn't be charged. You guys sound like so much fun!