Monday, October 22, 2012

Surgery Day

"You are gonna do what?"

Today this precious boy is having his tonsils and adenoids removed, having ear tubes put in and getting tested for allergies. I am a wee but anxious, but I know that he is one of many to have this done, but yet still, he is our only one and this is not our normal.

Pray that this helps our Henry Patton dry up and breathe better.  Pray for his doctor to have a steady hand, sharp mind and a soft touch with our son. Pray for Henry's pain tolerance, to not resist his medicine, and for him to have a speedy recovery. Pray for Randall and I to be anxious for nothing but in prayer and application let our requests be known to God! This is gonna be big for us. We are both very over protective of this precious joy of ours. My mama heart is heavy this morning for my little fella but I rest knowing we have our loving family and faithful friends praying us through this.

I took this photo at the ENT last month when we scheduled the surgery. He was so excited to get a sucker and a sticker. He had no idea what we were preparing for him. Poor little love!



Kelley said...

Praying all things went well Abby!