Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Henry's Surgery Report

 Henry's surgery went well and we have him at home for at least a week recouping. After a rough first day of not wanting his meds, we are finally getting him to take them. I snapped some photos at the surgery center, of course.

Henry was unsure of his surgery but excited about the dog gown and toys they nurses gave him. Randall and I were back with him in pre op while my sweet mama waited in the waiting area.

They got some meds in him, after quite a battle, and they instantly made him loopy. It was so funny and sad at the same time. Randall recorded some if it on his phone. I will try to load it on here sometime soon. The nurses gave him lots of stickers so he had me stick them all over his body.

 I tired not to cry, but I did for just a bit while we were waiting for them to take him back to surgery. I was glad my mama was there with us while we waited during the surgery. I am also so glad she sat by me after ragging on my attire and wet hair in the waiting room. She was mortified I dressed the way I did. She was cracking us up. Ole, Kathy! Randall ratted me out and said I go out this way a lot. It is true and sadly, I am not ashamed. I may need an intervention.

After his surgery they came out to get me. He was screaming for his mama. I lost it, of course. I got to him and rocked him and sang for a bit to calm him down. He would look up at me crying and say "don't cry mama." It was so pitiful.
We came home and he has been planted on the couch since. He has received presents in the mail, visitors and lots of gifts. He is a loved little rotten boy. Thank you for praying for his recovery. We appreciate it more than you know!



Kelley said...

So glad that is over and he can mend!