Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Fancy Fun

We spent our Saturday morning decorating the front of our house for fall. We love doing this each year about as much as we enjoy decorating for Christmas. Randall had a brush pile burning in the side yard so it smelled like a camp fire. The air was cool and the sky was blue. It was near perfect.

I came home from work Wednesday to find these mums sitting on my porch. Randall is always so great about stopping at nurseries and picking stuff up for me while out and about checking on his plots. I made the pumpkin planters last weekend and the wreath last fall. Miss Hog is sporting her feathery witch hat that I purchased for myself last year but ended up giving it to her. She wears it better than I do!  The random green gourd is also something Randall picked up for me last week. He may not send me bouquets of roses, but he can hook a sister up with the plants and produce and that is a-ok by me!

Do you love the witch legs as much as I do?! It is a pool noodle broken in half with a pair of tights put on them. I put a pair of shoes that I cannot wear anymore on the ends and Randall duck taped them on real good so they will stay put. So fun! We also made the "It's Fall Y'all" pumpkin sign after seeing one at the flea market for $40. We made this one for about $15. Score.
 The beautiful pumpkins are also Randall finds. I love how tall they are. The ghost came from Goodwill 2 years ago for 50 cents. It had "The Johnston's" on it but I spray painted it and made it belong to us. The scarecrows are walmart specials from a few years ago. They hay is from walmart also but the corn.....the corn was grown by my main squeeze. I always love knowing he saves me corn each year to display in our yard. He loves it as much as I do and Henry is pretty fond of the scarecrows but says the witch will bite him if he touches her legs! Smart boy.

Next year I want witch style broom sticks on my on the look out for any good deals on them after the holiday and let me know if you see any!



Kelley said...

That looks so fun! Great job you guys!