Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy Little Pumpkin

It is always busy at our house these days because of scenes like this one. Henry decided to dump all his toys out of the toy box and then dump all his books out of the baskets and put them in the toy box. He of course stops and recites each book as he fills up the toy box. It made a huge mess but occupied him for a while and occupied trumps mess sometimes. It was also just super cute to watch.

Santa Claus brought Henry this barn for his first Christmas.  He was 3 weeks old. Just in the past month he has taken to it. He is also learning more about Santa Claus. I am not sure why the intrigue all the sudden since we have not even had Halloween yet....but something makes me think it has to do with that bloomin Barney VHS...Marime is going to pay for that someday, someway!  It is constant "Where Santa Claus go? Him go North Pole, Mama? Him make toys? Barney at North Pole with Santa Claus? Santa Claus bring me red truck with trailer and crossfit toys, Mama?" Yes it is fun...it is going to get old since it is just mid-October! Heaven help us. 

We decided to start sporting our Halloween and pumpkin wears this week. This little outfit with the skeleton glows in the dark. He was glowing at nap time at school. He loved wearing it.

 This is one of the Ebay shirts I got for free 2 years ago from a girl who has a son named Henry. I happened to message her about an outfit she had for sale and we struck up a conversation about our sons with the same name. She sent me 6 shirts with "Henry" on them for free. I was so tickled and can't believe he is big enough to wear them now. He is growing so fast!

"This MY pumpkin, Mama?"

He IS my little pumpkin! Being almost three is a new world for the three of us. Our house may never be the same. We will survive it together and hopefully with a laugh. I love to laugh.



Kelley said...

Henry would fit in here. My girls like to dump all of there toys out too! It does occupy them for awhile. Love your fall decorations.