Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet Meep

Oh, how she would love this little crew of ours!

Nine years ago today Jesus welcomed home my Meemaw "Meep", Julie's Grandmother and Hollye's Gran. We hated to see her go, but Peepaw "Peep" and Jesus needed her more than we did. We all three called her by a different name, yet loved her the same. She was a prissy, reserved, tender- hearted, hilarious, southern belle who loved her three brown headed grandaughters.

We have posted about her several times. You may remember the Charlie Pride post. That is one of many funny memories of her. She was a hoot. My Meemaw made me laugh a lot and most of the time she didn't mean to!

As a young lady in my thirties, I still feel nervous when chewing gum in church because I remember the glares from the choir loft because little Abby had some Trident in her mouth. When I put my son in knee socks and "funny little outfits" (as my Daddy calls them), I smile and think of her. When I make a casserole or a pecan pie I always think of her dining room in that parsonage in Garland, TN. When I see a mall walker it makes me wonder if she is mall walking in heaven or if she just skipped the walk and headed straight to Perkins. When I give my little portion to the food bank or speak with a smile to the disabled young man who has spoken to me loudly in Walmart, my heart smiles for her. And when I see a one day sale at a department store my heart starts racing and my legs start running. She is with me all the time.

I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful, formative years with my little Meemaw. I could go on and on about my Meemaw, Julie's Grandmother and Hollye's Gran, but I will spare you the drive down memory lane. My husband tells me it can be a boring drive for others after a certain point! I love that she met my sweet husband right before she died. I even told her one Saturday night when she felt really ill, "I'm going to marry him, Meemaw" and she smiled back at me and sipped on the Ensure milkshake I had made her (I could make a "mean" one!). She died the very next Saturday morning. I think she needed to make sure I was taken care of before she left us. I was her baby and she made no bones about it. I think Randall (she called him "Ronald" ) was a little angel for both of us.

I love you and miss you terribly, sweet Meep!

Abby Jo