Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Boy

All four of our children are so different. A couple of them look alike but other than that, they are completely different.

Two of the boys are playing basketball this year. It has been interesting to watch their personalities in action. One is easy-going, playful, and unconcerned about being perfect. The other one is none of those things.

He has been that way since he was a toddler. This boy would always carry a bag with all of favorite little toys with him wherever he went. Even if it was just a trip from his bedroom to the kitchen. He loved having all of his "things" together.

Now, that he is years older and his toys have changed, he doesn't carry a bag anymore. He is very concerned about his belongings though. As he plays with his various toys, he is very rigid, and structured. I love watching him put all his toys in neat rows, clean lines, and knowing where everything is supposed to be.

He wants everything to be perfect. Not just his toys, but his schoolwork and his playtime. He doesn't like to mess up. he doesn't like to disappoint. He thinks that my opinion of him changes when he makes a mistake.

I'm doing my best to teach, tell and show him that I love him and think that he is the BEST no matter what he does or doesn't do. Sure there will be times when he does something that requires punishment but that in no way means that my love, opinion or thoughts of him have changed.

I love him more everyday. I love to watch him. I love to listen to him. I love to hug him.

I think I'll go do that right now!



kathy said...

I have my guess which one it is. He is one sweet boy...