Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Friday

This week has been a seasoning packet kind of week at our house. We are trying to eat a little healthier and we are exploring new dishes because we are a bit bored with the same ole ones. So, I picked up some seasoning packets, something I never think of doing.

I bought this one, added chicken breasts, omited the oil, added a drained can of corn, drained can of diced tomatoes and the can of white beans. It reminded us of taco soup with chicken instead of ground beef/turkey. We added some sour cream and avocado on top. It was good and something I can freeze and eat later when Randall is gone planting this spring.

I bought this one and added it to whole wheat noodles. I did not use the full ammount of olive oil and it still turned out fine. I should have used more noodles because it was a bit "pesto-y", as my dear Randall described it. It was something different, but probably not something I will continue to serve on a regular basis. We really like a potato more than a noodle.

And this is the breakfast of toddler champions! I discovered these in the frozen food section last week and it has been received with a little toothy smile. Henry eats breakfast most mornings at school. I am that poor mother who rushes her child to school so he can eat a hot breakfast because otherwise he gets Cheerios or yogurt at home. I am hopeless! On Wednesday's and Friday- Sunday he is home for breakfast and this has been a hit. He loves it and I feel like I have provided something half way decent without turning on the stove/oven. I recommend it. I do cook breakfast on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday...just to redeem myself a bit, I thought I best clarify!
And this is the little foodie waiting on the said waffle.
Isn't he a sweet little morn'in mess?!

Happy Food Friday!


The Family Marsico said...

He is sweet! I love that picture.

Kelley said...

He is growing up! He looks so long in his high chair.

Anonymous said...

He is definitely going to be a little "Squatty Body" with all those chocolate chip pancakes !!!!