Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ok, I'm going to confess. I'm on twitter.

I don't have a business, I don't run an organization. I don't sell anything or have great words of wisdom.

But other people do. And they tweet.

Stephen has been on twitter for quite some time and he would get breaking news and tidbits of information that I wanted to know about too. But no one was sharing those on facebook.

So, I succumbed to twitter. It was a couple of weeks before Stephen found out. I currently have 17 people that read my tweets. Poor people. But I follow amazing people. Al Mohler, Johnny Hunt, Mike the Hot Dog Guy(I plan on visiting him in Little Rock tomorrow to get a hot dog. I'll let you know how they are and if he is amazing!), and friends that tweet instead of facebook.

I don't follow reality show people, or pop culture stuff. My mind is cluttered enough without adding to the clutter. I just follow those people that are encouraging and uplifting to me. Well, that and just funny!

So, if you are on twitter follow me and I'll follow you. I'm Juliekbeavers. Oh the fun we can have!!



The Family Marsico said...

You know, there is a twitter widget you can add to your blog so that all your blog readers can follow your twitter posts without actually being on Twitter.

I don't want to twitter. I didn't even want to blog, but here I am yapping away.

Jodi said...

Ok, I'm going to go find you on twitter. I'm hsdesk so you'll know it's me. :) I wrote a post just for you today!

Miss ya sister! xo