Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy Day Ramblings

It is a rainy day here in southeast Arkansas. Sure wish I had some cute rain boots! I should have asked for some for Christmas. Why do I never think of the right things to put on my Christmas list?? Are you like that? My Christmas list is always so generic. Sweater, shirt, necklace, something cute for my house. Cute rain boots should have been on the list! Maybe for my birthday??!!

Anyway, enough of Christmas! This is February. Can you believe it? January just flew right by. It didn't seem like it at the time of course. It never does. Its a lot like being a parent. People always tell you that your kids are going to grow up so fast. That one day they'll be babies and the next day they'll be graduating from high school. What they forget to tell you is the day to day struggles can seem like one day lasts 18 years!

Go here to see last year's birthday post for our Aunt Janet (TBEO). Today is her birthday and we both wish we were with her to celebrate it. I would probably make her a cake, a King Tut cake! (She made me a Raggedy Ann cake for my birthday one year and I thought it was a King Tut cake! She went to so much trouble for me, and I didn't even recognize Raggedy Anna. But in my defense, we were studying King Tut in school.)

Oh, the rambling. It seems that is all I can do lately. No cute succinct posts from me. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to get one of those from Abby. She can string some words together! You should hear her talk!! HA!

Since I don't have any cute boots to play in the rain with, I'm going to go make a cup of coffee in Stephen's Keurig and add some hot chocolate to it (Yummy!!) and sit by the window and look at the rain. I really enjoy rain. Not a lot of it, but one day I can handle!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes