Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Shout Out

Granny & Sarah
TBEO & Sarah
Grace & Anna

We have a few faves to say hi to today (really yesterday, but today will have to do!)

February 1 was our Granny's birthday. She was the perfect Granny. She worked hard, loved hard, and man could she cook! She was a beautiful testimony of God's love. The girls in our family are blessed to have been raised around her and to have her blood coursing through our veins. The stories we could tell!

February 1 is also our Aunt Janet's birthday. She is our blue-eyed aunt and we love her so much. (Not just because of her blue eyes!) She is always around for a hug (although I don't think I got one when I was home for the sip & see), a smile, advice or just to talk. She has made our lives richer. We love you TBEO!

February 6 is Grace's birthday! Aunt Janet's first grandaughter. She is the cutest thing. Smart, funny, and cute! She is blonde and looks so much like her mother it is unreal. I love it when Grace and Anna are together they are such opposites in looks, but they love being around each other. Anna is a little ticked that Grace is turning 6 today and she is still 5. She'll just have to deal with that!

One of our most faithful blog readers, a stalker actually!, had a bit of surgery yesterday. Stacy, I love you and am sorry you are having trouble. But the story about the rain and your sunroof being opened still makes me laugh!!!

Have a great day!



The Family Marsico said...

Grace does look like her mother. She's like a little mini-me! Those two little girls sure are cute together. Oh the trouble they will get themselves into...

Kelley said...

Love the pictures! I hope your friend gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout for my birthday (and granny's, too)! I am one of the speed limits...but just won't say which one! hahaha