Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Little Heartbreaker

Can I just tell you what a proud aunt I am today! My Samuel is such a! Please read the post below on his big accomplishment.
My little heartbreaker has celebrated his first Valentine's Day! He got 1 Valentine at daycare. 1. I first thought he had not gotten any and I was so sad, but I cleaned out his bag for the week and it was at the bottom of the bag. It was from a friend named Sadey. I was afraid I was the odd mama bringing Valentines to the infant room. I am so glad Sadey's mama was excited about her first Valentine's Day too!
This little heartbreaker got a St. Bernard puppy from his Mama and Daddy and we named it Sparky. I saw this soft, floppy dog at the store and knew Henry had to have it.

And he loves Sparky. Henry's personality is becoming more alive everyday. I just love learning about him more and more each day. Such a fun boy, he is.

This mama has the 2 cutest Valentine's in the whole world. Randall and I are not big Valentine's people but this year he have had such fun with Henry. I love how my heart explodes for this little boy...and his daddy!

Henry wants you to know he loves you "This Much". I hope you felt loved today, because you are!



Kelley said...

Henry is so cute! Glad he got his first Valentine at school! Hope you had a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

He is just so dog gone precious.
I am so blessed to have such fantastic looking grand children.
Yo Daddy

kathy said...

There are those big ole Abby eyes. He is a cutie for sure. Wish I lived closer....