Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anniversary Eve


Tomorrow is Abby and Randall's 7th wedding anniversary. If I know Abby like ya'll know Abby I'm sure she is figuring out which pictures to show us in honor of this special day.

Can you wait? Me either!

The day was beautiful. Cold, a bit windy, but beautiful.

Abby was beautiful too.

But since I am writing this lets talk about me.

My hair looked GREAT!

Randall's mom is a hair stylist, beautician, hairdresser. You get the picture. Anyway!

She did my hair and it was really pretty. Probably the best it had ever looked in my life until that day. If Abby hadn't looked beautiful and been in a pretty white dress (ask her to post the story about buying the wedding dress!) I would have been the prettiest one there. HA!

Stephen married them and I was the maid of honor(the married one). I just hate matron of honor, it makes me sound like an old haggard woman with a bun. Samuel was the ring bearer, Randall's dad had to put his hand on Samuel's shoulder a couple of times. I think the idea of making that ringbearer pillow go round and round excited my 4 year old more than he could stand. The twins slept at their Nana and Papas during the wedding. It is a bone of contention with me, but I'll let it go for now!

I wish ya'll could have been there if you weren't. It was a beautiful ceremony. Her friends spoke, and sang. Randall looked like he would bust his buttons looking at Abby. And Abby, well she was so in love she could hardly stand herself.

It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories.



Kelley said...

Happy 7th anniversary! My 7th is coming up in June. How neat is that. I love reading your posts. I love the sister relationship that is brought out it in. I hope Mary-Kate and Madelyn will have a wonderful relationship like that too. My sister and I are like 20 years apart in age. Most of my life, she has lived in Alaska. She has a son 5 years younger than me. She is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the same.